Costa Rica coffee tour: where to go?

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If you go  visit Costa Rica you CANT miss a coffee tour. The country is known for its specialty coffee so why witness the journey from bean to brew amidst lush green hillsides.  FYI most of the coffee farms are also near breathtaking nature landscapes offering the perfect chance to explore nature.

The farm where our coffee comes from doesnt have an official tour but if you are reading this you can DM me and I am sure the family Rivense would love to show you around near Chirripo. I have three other coffee tours in my mind: the first two I went myself and I HIGHLY recommend: 

Our first stop on this coffee-fueled escapade took us to an ecological sanctuary nestled amidst the lush Costa Rican countryside. Here, sustainable farming wasn't just a buzzword – it was a way of life. As we delved into the art of regenerative agriculture, we uncovered the alchemy behind coffee production.

Before we even thought about sipping coffee, we were schooled in the fundamentals of agriculture. From soil chemistry to nutrient balance, every aspect played a crucial role in nurturing healthy coffee plants. Thanks to homemade compost, natural fertilizers, and the help of nature's finest assistants – mushrooms and worms – the sanctuary boasted rich soils teeming with life.

But it wasn't just about coffee here; it was about harmony. Through agroforestry, every species influenced one another, creating a sustainable ecosystem where coffee thrived. And if you were lucky enough to chat with Chris, you soon realized how these practices shaped the very essence of your morning brew. 

Next up, we ventured into the heart of Dota, a Costa Rican coffee village steeped in tradition. Here, local farmers joined forces back in 1960 to create something truly special – coffee with a denomination of origin. This wasn't your run-of-the-mill brew; it was a testament to the dedication and innovation of the community.

But it wasn't just about what was in the cup; it was about how it got there. By harnessing the power of wastewater and promoting sustainable practices, Dota's farmers made waves in the coffee industry. From carbon neutrality to community empowerment, this cooperative led the charge towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

Here, you can delve deep into the coffee-making process, from seed to cup.

Hopping on horseback, you can ride through the coffee farm, keeping an eye out for toucans and other local wildlife along the way. As you ride through the fields, you can gain insight into the art of coffee agronomy and the importance of community in Costa Rica's coffee industry.

From planting and harvesting to roasting and cupping, every step of the process is a testament to the passion and dedication of the people behind the scenes. 

So, there you had it – a whirlwind tour of some of Costa Rica's coffee hotspots, where tradition, innovation, and sustainability converged to create something truly magical!

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