Medium Honey

€ 9,00

Single Origin ~ 100% Arabica

Microlot ~ Las Torres 2024

Proces ~ Honey

Variety ~ Catuai 

Profiel ~ De bonen zijn medium gebrand om de unieke eigenschappen van de koffie-oorsprong te behouden.

Smaken ~ Dit resulteert in een lichte, fruitige en zoete smaak, wat zelfs de niet-koffieliefhebber aan zal spreken. 

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Info voor koffie aficionados:


Honey Process

This process originated in Costa Rica as a more sustainable method to cut down on water consumption. It involves removing the coffee cherry's pulp but leaving some of the mucilage (sticky outer layer) intact during drying. The bean absorbs this honey-like coating resulting in a sweet, tropical favor profle.


Café Rivense del Chirripó

We proudly work with the Rivense family who has been growing coffee for four generations near the highest mountain peak in Costa Rica of Chirripo.



Arabica (Catuai)

Arabica coffee plants are grown under a canopy of trees, promoting biodiversity, preserving habitats for birds and other wildlife, and aiding soil conservation.

Micro Lot 

Las Torres Microlot

Coffee beans are grown in small batches in specifc, carefully tended areas, allowing for more attention to cultivation, harvesting, and processing, which often results in unique favor profiles. They are grown at altitudes of 1500 - 1800m.

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